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Friday, March 12, 2010

Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood continues efforts to be Environmentally Friendly

The Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood has made huge strides in the past two years in their efforts to 'be green'. Everyone at the hotel, from ownership to line level employees, has committed to their responsibility to protect and minimize their impact on the environment.

Most recently, as of February 2010, the Denver Hotel has completed the installation of 198 High Efficiency Toilets. These were installed in guestrooms, small meeting rooms, whirlpool/spa restrooms, employee restrooms and employee locker rooms.

Rather than have the 198 toilets removed end up in a landfill or be put back into service at another location and continue to waste water, ownership paid a recycling company to pulverize the porcelain from teh old toilets which will be used in a future road project.

In addition, they have recently retrofitted an additional 36 fixtures from T-12 lamps to ultra high efficiency T-8s and installed motion sensors to control an additional 30 light fixtures. Lastly, the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood replace the water cooled ice machine for the restaurant/bar (Sporting News Grill Lakewood) with an Energy Star air cooled machine. This will save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each year.

Whew! This Denver area hotel has been busy!~ Busy being Green!

To find out more about this hotel and what they are doing to be friendlier to the environment, visit the Holiday Inn Denver Lakewood's green page